The Hogies Guide to Sunglasses for Face Shape

The Hogies Guide to Sunglasses for Face Shape

The ultimate summer essential, sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but are a defining feature when it comes to style. Providing a flattering look and complimentary fit when chosen correctly, sunglasses can complete that all-important summer outfit. However, finding the right pair for your face shape can be a little tricky, but once you've discovered your go-to pair, these can enhance your style while defining or softening your facial features.

To help you find the right style for your face shape, we've put together this guide to make the search less daunting. Featuring suggestions for sunglasses in an attractive range of shapes and styles, our blog will hopefully put you a step closer to achieving a flawless, summer-ready appearance.

What sunglasses suit my face shape?

From square to oval, round to heart-shaped, every face shape has its own unique characteristic, but choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit yours can sometimes prove to be a challenge, especially with the endless options available in today's market. But it's important to keep in mind that the glasses you decide to purchase should make you feel confident in the way you look, while sitting comfortably on your face and, most importantly, providing your eyes with enough protection from the sun's harsh UV Rays.

To help you determine which sunglasses will work best for you, we've listed a range of common face shapes and their features, allowing you to identify your own face shape, as well as the type of glasses that will suitably compliment this. From stylish cat eye frames to classic aviators and more, read our guide and discover the perfect pair of sunglasses online.

Sunglasses for face shape

Sunglasses shape for round face

Featuring a neatly rounded jawline and chin, a broad forehead, and cheeks that have a fuller appearance, a round face shape is highly proportionate, almost equal in length and width. The sunglasses that will suit a rounded shape perfectly will add length to the face, creating the illusion of a narrower appearance, while still keeping some natural shape. To do this, it's best to choose a pair of wayfarers or glasses with rectangular frames, while ensuring the frames are not too narrow and add definition and structure. Opting for glasses with darker frames will add length and sharpen soft contours.

Ray-Ban Black Folding Sunglasses Wayfarer RB 4105-601S

£89.99 (RRP £124.00) Save £34.01

Perfect for a round face shape, these stylish Wayfarer glasses from Ray-Ban feature dark lenses which blend with the sleek black frames. Helping to add a flattering structure to your facial features, this summer essential will provide full UV protection, and is supplied with an elegant black or brown leather case for style. An update on the leading brand's original RB4105 style, this seasonal accessory is complete with a discreet logo along the sides and the top of the right lens, adding interest and providing unique detailing.

Best sunglasses for oval face

Featuring a length greater than width but with slight rounded properties, oval face shapes should avoid wearing excessively large glasses that could make your face look smaller. This means, ideally, the frames should not exceed the natural width of your face, and the upper part of the sunglasses should align with your eyebrows to create an even appearance, helping to enhance your natural features. Aviator glasses will compliment the face by adding a touch of subtle contouring that will help to elevate its smooth properties. Alternatively, opt for cat eye or butterfly glasses, which will also suit this face shape.

Guess Ladies Sunglasses Brown GU7337 Cat Eye Frame

£48.99 (RRP £100.00) Save £51.01

Designed with a subtle, elegant tortoiseshell pattern and '_x0098_Guess' branding along the sides, these sophisticated cat eye glasses from Guess are the perfect option for those with an oval face shape. Whether you're heading to the beach or going on a summer shopping trip, these will see you through the warmer months in style, providing an effortlessly elegant and on-trend addition to your seasonal outfits. And, supplied with a black leather case and convenient matching cloth, these are easy to clean and store.

Celine Sunglasses Diane Dark Havana CL 41432/S

£194.00 (RRP £265.00) Save £71.00

Exuding parisian chique, this summer essential is bound to make a statement. With lightweight, high-quality acetate frames, combined with nylon to provide full UV protection, these sunglasses are highly practical, making them the perfect accessory that will last all summer long. And featuring tortoiseshell cat eye frames and grey lenses, these sunglasses will add style to any outfit.

Best sunglasses shape for heart face

Similar to round face shapes, heart-shaped faces feature a slightly wider forehead. But unlike other structures, these include a narrow, subtly pointed chin and broad, defined cheekbones. Another distinctive attribute, heart shaped faces are longer in length than in width, adopting an inverted triangle shape. Therefore, the main aim is to create the illusion that the lower area of the face is slightly bigger, taking width away from the upper part and creating balance while enhancing your face's appealing features. This can be done by opting for a pair where the width is proportionate to your face or just slightly wider, such as Aviators.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Classic Aviator Unisex Medium Frame RB3025

£81.99 (RRP £131.00) Save £49.01

Featuring a gold frame and contrasting green lenses, these pilot-style aviators provide the ideal piece to accompany your summer-ready outfit. Suitable for a heart shaped face, the rounded and proportionate structure of these timeless glasses means they should nicely align with the width of your face. And complete with a smart case, these classic sunglasses are the perfect seasonal go-to.

Best sunglasses for square face

Square face shapes include a prominent jawline featuring strong, natural contouring, as well as a broad forehead, cheekbones and chin. Often, wearing small or narrow frames that feature sharp edges can over accentuate certain facial features. Therefore, bigger, more rounded frames and lenses provide the ideal solution, helping to elevate the natural proportions of your face.

Guess Purple Ladies Sunglasses GU7207 BLK-50

£29.99 (RRP 80.00) Save 50.01

Strikingly bold yet effortlessly feminine, our Guess sunglasses are the ideal go-to accessory for those with a square face shape. This fashion-forward summer essential will allow you to add a hint of glamour to your outfit while feeling young at heart, combining the latest trends with a sense of adventure. Featuring a contemporary design with bold, circular lenses and neatly rounded frames, these sunglasses additionally include stylish leopard print branding on the side.

Seksy Swarovski Crystal Ladies Black Sunglasses N2809A

£43.99 (RRP £60.00) Save £16.01

Keeping your eyes protected from the sun's harmful rays with 100% UV protection while featuring a sleek, polished appearance, there couldn't be a better accessory, which looks perfect on those with square face shapes. Exuding class and sophistication, in true Swarovski style, these on-trend sunglasses feature fine crystal detailing along the side, while the rounded lenses are complete with a stylish black smoke finish.

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Whether you have an oval face with subtle features or a square face with a defined jawline, you're bound to find a pair of sunglasses that will suit your face shape from our extensive collection at Hogies Online. Featuring a range of leading designer brands including Guess, Ray-Ban, Swarovski and more, discover our range of sunglasses that includes frames and lenses in a variety of styles.