The Best Virgo Makeup Looks

The Best Virgo Makeup Looks

Astrology can be a great way to learn more about your individual personality traits and characteristics and become more in tune with yourself, others, and the natural world around you. There are lots of different types of astrological studies, and they've been around for centuries, this includes the Mayan calendar, the Chinese zodiac, and of course, the western astrological calendar.

The western version is the one that may be most familiar to you, and it is made up of twelve equal sections that represent the earth's orbit around the sun. These twelve sections are what we know as zodiac signs. According to this calendar, if you are born between August 23rd and September 22nd, your zodiac sign is Virgo. To explore what it means to be a Virgo, join us as we discuss the key traits of this zodiac sign as well as give some makeup look ideas to reflect these traits.

Virgo Characteristics

A Virgo person is known for being practical, meticulous and logical. They're generally thought of as well-grounded, reliable and kind people. Virgos are creative and hard-working people, organised and modest, and although a little bit introverted, they make fantastic friends.

Of course, as with all zodiac signs, there are some negative traits that Virgos may show. Their perfectionist nature can make them critical and judgemental at times, as well as stubborn and unlikely to change their ways. Additionally, they can be overthinkers and quite picky which stems from their need to be organised.

What element is Virgo?

Virgo is an earth sign and is often represented by the virgin or maiden symbol. Earth signs are representative of a spiritual path and expression of energy. Earth signs are extremely practical, patient, and humble. When you need someone to keep it real, an earth sign is the perfect choice.

What are the Virgo colours?

Because Virgos are earth signs that are representative of nature and spiritual energy, the Virgo colour palette consists primarily of greens and browns. These colours are perfectly suited to Virgos, but they also suit neutral tones and subtle pink hues.

Virgo Makeup Looks

Whilst we're choosing looks that have been inspired by the characteristics of the Virgo zodiac sign, we are fully aware that each person is individually unique, having their own colour preferences and makeup styles. Below you'll find a number of makeup looks that vary in drama, subtlety, and style so that you can find the perfect combination. We encourage you to play around with colours and adding or removing steps to these makeup artistry ideas, after all, Virgos are creative people!

If you're looking to get started with more dramatic makeup looks and creations with more flair, we'd highly recommend tapping into the green colours of the Virgo palette. As with just a few simple products, you can create some stunning creative makeup looks and unleash your inner makeup artist.

Simple Graphic Eyeliner

Step one: Create your base using your choice of foundation and concealer. Since we'll be focusing on the eyes, you can create this base to your preference. Whether you prefer a glowy look with subtle shimmer or a contoured matte look, it's up to you. However, we would recommend a subtle dewy glow as this will perfectly complement the graphic liner on the eyes.

Step two: Prime your eyelids. This step is not mandatory, but it will help to keep your makeup looking in top condition all day long. To make the white and green stand out more, you'll then need to apply a neutral base. You can do this using a tinted primer, or a natural shade of eyeshadow, try to pick a colour close to your natural skin tone.

Step three: Apply green first and then use the white to create well-defined areas. Start by taking an angled brush and create a wing from the centre and bring it out past the corner of the eye. Then take a blending or crease eyeshadow brush and place some green under the inner corner of your eye. We recommend using the green from the Chanel Les 4 Ombres 306 Eyeshadow Palette and the Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner in Matte White to create clean lines more easily.

Diorshow Eyeliner £25.99 (RRP £29.00 Save £3.01) & Chanel Palette £50.00 (RRP £51.00 Saving £1)

Step four: Take a clean angled brush and dip it into your white eyeshadow or eyeliner. Start by creating a line from where your lashes start and bring it across your eye, resting just above the green wing.

Step five: Using the white, create a highlighting border around the green wing and bring the top line into the crease of your eye. Then, just above your crease line and below your eyebrow, start from the centre and bring a defining line down to the corner of your eye. Create an angle that highlights this corner, and then bring it underneath covering just underneath your waterline.

Step Six: Finish off your look, apply mascara if you prefer and fill in your eyebrows as desired. Once this is all done, don't forget to set your makeup using a long-lasting setting spray such as the Urban Decay All Nighter.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £10.50 (RRP £12.00 Saving £1.50)

Green Glamour Makeup Look

If you're hoping for a more dramatic look suited for a formal occasion, or night out, or if you just prefer glamorous makeup, there's a lot that we can do with a bold green eyeshadow. For this look in particular, we're going to make it smokey for added flair. Don't be daunted by this look, it's fairly simple to recreate!

Step one: As above, you'll need to create your base. For this look, we recommend doing a heavier contour to add drama. You might also want to cover under your eyes with a tissue when applying the eyeshadow to avoid excess fallout settling on your makeup base.

Step two: Apply your eyeshadow primer to help reduce creasing or fading. You can then directly apply the green by packing it onto the lid, or place it on top of a white base to bring out the colour. We need an intense green for this look, so opt for something like the Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Fluid Eyeshadow in Emeraude.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Fluid Eyeshadow Emeraude £17.99 (RRP £31.00 Saving £13.01)

Step three: Apply a dark brown or black eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eyes and bring it up to the crease of your eye. After you've done this, you can then blend the colour out past the corner of the eye to create a smouldering effect.

Step four: Add glitter or a shimmery green eyeshadow on top of the existing green you previously applied by gently stippling with a soft brush, but leave the darker areas as a matte finish.

Step 5: Add a white to the inner corners of the eye for a pop of colour that highlights the eyes. You may also wish to apply some of the brown shadow to your waterline to bring the look together.

Step 6: Finish off the eyes by adding fake eyelashes, or applying mascara. You can then fill in your eyebrows.

Step 7: For a well-rounded finish that is consistent with the Virgo colour palette go for a taupe or mauve lipstick with a pink hue. It should be subtle enough that it doesn't take away from the drama of your eyes. The Giorgio Armani Lacquer Liquid Lipstick in Boudoir is a great option for this look.

Giorgio Armani Lacquer Liquid Lipstick 506 Boudoir £24.99 (RRP £32.50 Saving £7.51)

Soft Glam Makeup Looks

If you prefer to tap into the brown tones of the Virgo colour palette or prefer an easy natural look for everyday wear, there are lots of options depending on your preference. All you'll need is an eyeshadow palette with some neutral tones in both matte and shimmer finishes, some mascara, and eyeliner.

Simple Winged Eyeliner

For the first option, we're going to create an easy winged eyeliner that is complemented by a subtly shimmering brown eyeshadow, doting on the earthy tones associated with the Virgo colour palette.

Step one: If you are using foundations or primers, apply them at this step. If not, you can move straight onto the eyes, making this a great makeup look if you're low on time. First, take a matte brown and apply it all over the eyelid. It's worth investing in a neutral eyeshadow palette like the Urban Decay Reloaded Palette, so you can play around with a few shades.

Step two: Take a secondary brown tone that has more of a red hue and apply it to the corner of the eye, blending it outwards to go above the crease and towards the eyebrow.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette £32.99 (RRP £39.50 saving £6.51)

Step three: Take a shimmery shade, gold or light brown will work the best. Apply it to the whole eyelid below the crease. Paying particular attention to the centre of the eye.

Step four: Create your winged liner using liquid eyeliner. There are many ways to create a wing, do which one works best for your eye shape. We prefer to start by making a triangle at the outer corner, filling it in, and bringing the eyeliner towards the inner corner of the eye. We find that using a pen eyeliner with a fine tip works best, such as the Benefit Roller Liner.

Benefit Roller Liner Black Mini £12.00 (RRP £12.50 Saving £0.50)

Step Five: Add kohl or pencil eyeliner to your waterline and apply mascara to your eyelashes to finish off the look.

Simple Natural Virgo Makeup Look

The final look on our list is one of the easiest looks to recreate and perfectly embodies the virtues of the Virgo zodiac. With just a neutral eyeshadow palette and a simple mascara, you can create an everyday makeup look.

Step 1: Apply your foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturiser if using. This step is totally optional, so if you prefer a fully natural look, you can go without base makeup.

Step 2: Take your neutral eyeshadow palette and pick out a few brown-toned shades. We recommend using the same palette from the previous look, particularly the shades 'blur', 'buck' and 'barely baked', use just one or two and apply these all over your eyelid, blending seamlessly.

Step 3: Apply volumising mascara such as the YSL Volume Effect, and you're done! At this step, you can also add some eyeliner to your waterline if you prefer, or any other finishing touches.

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Unleash Virgo Creativity with Hogies

Naturally, Virgos are creative people and we encourage you to try out your own makeup looks or adapt the ones we've given to suit your personal preferences.

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