The best travel size beauty products for 2023

The best travel size beauty products for 2023

If you're planning to do some travelling this year, whether that be a long-haul trip to the other side of the world, or a short and exciting city break, the last thing you'll want to do is worry about finding room in your suitcase for your toiletries. Big and bulky shampoo bottles take up more space than you think, and they can't go in your carry-on luggage with you. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to travel size toiletries, and we've compiled a list of our favourites to give you a stress-free way of making sure you've got everything you need.

Best Travel Sized Toiletries

Before anything else, you'll need to make sure you have your basic essentials ready. Your cleansers, body wash, skincare, and shampoo. This is especially important if you're travelling to a country with a very different climate, as this change could cause problems for dry or sensitive skin, so you'll want to make sure you're prepared with products from home.

Moroccanoil Hydration Hair Care Gift Set £34.99 (RRP £37.40 Save £2.41)

Taking care of your hair shouldn't be overlooked, especially if you are travelling to a hot country. The heat can dry out your hair causing a straw-like feeling. The sun also causes coloured hair to fade more quickly, so you'll need to take extra caution if you have colour-treated hair. The Moroccanoil Hydration set contains shampoo, conditioner, treatment, and a hydration mask to ensure you can keep your hair healthy when you travel. Conveniently, this travel-sized set comes with its own pouch so you don't have to worry about leakage, and it can be stowed in your carry-on bag as each product is under the 100ml limit that most airlines abide by.

Pixi Best Of Vitamin-C Skincare Set £14.99 (RRP £20.00 Save £5.01)

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals by neutralising harmful oxidants and toxins. This makes the Pixi Best of Vitamin-C Skincare Set a great option for when you're on the road, brightening your skin to keep you looking your best whilst helping to prevent any damage. These handy little items can fit straight into your handbag, so you can use them whenever you feel like your skin needs a little TLC.

Nuxe Skin Care Hand Cream & Dry Oil Gift Set Best Of Collection £26.99 (RRP £40.50 Save £13.51)

The Nuxe Skin Care Set contains multi-purpose dry oil, hand and nail cream, moisturiser, lip balm, and micellar water. It's important to prepare for the change in climate if you're travelling abroad as temperatures that are too cold or too hot can damage and dry out the skin. The Nuxe set helps to prevent this damage and soothe any irritated areas. This set is a must-have travel essential, particularly for those of us with more sensitive skin.

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Gel Gift Set £9.99 (£18.00 Save £8.01)

This one goes without saying, but if you're not carrying around hand gel by now you should really consider it. Having a bottle of pocket-sized hand sanitizer will save you the hassle of trying to find the nearest place to wash your hands if you've been using public transport or if you have been handling cash. The Bath & Body Works hand gel has three different scents infused with aloe, vitamin E, and Shea extracts to help care for your skin.

Best Men's Travel Size Toiletries

American Crew Hydrating Gel Face Wash Shampoo Men's Travel Kit £28.99 (£51.00 Save £22.01)

Men's travel sized toiletries are often harder to come by, and options can be limited to shampoo and shower gel, that's why we love the American Crew Men's Travel Kit is an ideal choice to bring along. The set features face wash, shower gel, thickening shampoo, and firm hold grooming cream to keep men looking their best whilst travelling.

Biotherm Homme Aquapower Men's Travel Gift Set £21.99 (RRP £25.00 Save £3.01)

Following on from the last men's toiletry set, the Biotherm Homme Aqua is a slightly more slimmed-down grooming kit for travelling extra light. Featuring a 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo, aqua power gel moisturizer, and shaving foam, this set may be more suited for men with fast-growing facial hair.

Best Travel Size Beauty Products

Now that you've got your basic essentials sorted, it's time to take a look at your holiday makeup kit. Travel-sized beauty products are a lifesaver when it comes to saving space in your luggage and they're great for when you want to leave your most expensive and favourite cosmetics at home to avoid them becoming damaged or lost when travelling.

Clarins Ready In A Flash Eyeshadow & Eyebrows Palette £24.90 (RRP £32.00 Save £7.10)

The Clarins Ready in a Flash Palette is ideal for travellers who are strict on travelling light. The shades can be used on both your eyebrows and as eyeshadow, so there's no need to take extra products. With 6 different shades in matte and shimmer, you can easily create a neutral daytime or stunning evening-ready look.

L'Oreal Parisian Glamour Mascara Lipstick Nail Polish Makeup Set £19.75 (RRP £25.00 Save £5.25)

If you're a fan of the colour red, the L'Oreal Parisian Glamour Set has everything you need to create a simple and refined look on your travels. The set contains its own pouch for convenient packing and features black lash-lifting mascara, red lipstick and red nail polish to top off your holiday makeup look.

Amber House Claritude Travel Essentials Kit £9.99 (RRP £19.99 Save £10.00)

Be ready for anything with the Amber House Claritude Travel Essentials Kit. It's so easy to forget the simple things like a nail file, bobby pins, and tweezers. Luckily, this travel set has you covered. With a sleep mask, ear plugs, nail file, pen, blotting paper, double-sided tape, tweezers, earring backs, lip balm, hair bands, a sewing kit, and a mirror, this kit truly does have everything you might need on your travels. We recommend taking this one with you on the plane.

Clarins Make Up Remover Cleanser Trio Travel Set Normal Dry Skin £19.99 (RRP £30.00 Save £10.01)

It goes without saying that if you're going to wear makeup, you're going to want to take it off at the end of a long day of exploring. Add the Clarins Trio to your makeup travel kit to make easy work of removing even the most stubborn makeup without irritating your skin. The set includes an eye makeup remover, cleansing milk, and toning lotion to keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

Best Travel Sized Fragrances

If you're not planning to buy any new fragrances at Duty Free at the airport, then it's a good idea to bring your own! Especially if you need to freshen up on a long-haul flight or are headed out on a city break.

Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla 75ml Fragrance Mist £11.99 (RRP £15.00 Save £3.01)

The Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Fragrance Mist is great for carrying in your handbag or backpack as at 75ml it sits comfortably under the liquid limit restrictions, simply spray the sweet scent all over your body whenever you feel like you need a top-up. The fragrance has notes of soft cashmere and exotic vanilla.

Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme 50ml Eau De Toilette (Blemished Box) £21.99 (RRP £39.99 Save £17.01)

Bring a touch of Parisian glamour and the French Riviera with you anywhere you go with this beautifully aromatic 50ml Pour Femme fragrance from Cerruti. Perfect for dining out at your evening meal, visiting art galleries and exploring cityscapes.

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul Bianco Di Carrara EDT Unisex Gift Set £38.99 (RRP £55.00 Save £16.01)

If you're just headed out for a long weekend we highly recommend the Tuscan Soul Unisex Set by Salvatore Ferragamo. The set includes a unisex fragrance, shower gel, a perfumed soap bar, and body lotion. This handy set really saves space in your suitcase and ensures that couples travelling together can share a fresh scent that lasts all day.

Get Travel Ready with Hogies

Be ready for wherever the day may take you with our extensive range of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances. Whether you prefer a relaxed beach holiday, a trip to the slopes, or a busy city break, you can find a range of travel-sized toiletries and makeup products to suit your needs. If you need more travel-friendly items, explore our gift sets for further inspiration.