The Best Scorpio Makeup Looks

The Best Scorpio Makeup Looks

Astrology, horoscopes and zodiac signs; people interpret these spiritual systems in a vast variety of ways, with many seeking spiritual guidance on their life plans, relationships and even themselves. How we connect to others and the wider universe is hard to understand, and can never be completely pinned down, but by tying celestial observations to shared human behaviours, we've started to make some sense out of the chaos.

Whatever meaning you ascribe to these methods of divination, if you're born between the dates of 23rd October and 21st November, now is the time to delve into your zodiac pride by incorporating some dramatic Scorpio makeup looks into your daily routine.

Scorpio characteristics

Often called the most powerful zodiac sign, Scorpios take their strength from psychic forces that are beyond reach for many other signs. Their incredibly passionate nature and deep emotional strength is inspiring, and their almost prophetic vision is entirely fitting for a sign born over the otherworldly holiday of Halloween. A season of change and growing darkness, these common Scorpio characteristics can warp on bad days, ambition becoming controlling and powerful becoming power-hungry. When the stars align, however, the brighter elements of the Scorpio psyche shine through, their beguiling, enigmatic and endlessly enticing nature drawing in everyone they meet.

What element is Scorpio?

While the strength and passion that fuels a Scorpio means they are often misidentified as fire signs, it is the steady emotional power and psychic gifts of Scorpio's that give them their water affinity. As with other water signs, the stubborn Cancers and sympathetic Pisces', Scorpios are known for their impressive intuition and clairvoyant gifts. Guided by their connection to the spiritual realm, Scorpios carve their way through the world, pushing towards their life goals unflinchingly, no matter how long or challenging the journey may be.

Scorpio makeup looks

There are so many ways to express your zodiac sign in day-to-day life, with incorporating Scorpio colours in your wardrobe and proudly displaying Scorpio's spirit animal, the scorpion, into your jewellery and accessories collection being popular choices. Our personal favourite method, however, is by indulging in unique Scorpio makeup looks. To get you started, we've laid out a few of our favourite ideas that can easily be applied by novices and professional makeup artists alike.

Scorpio colour makeup look

When it comes to designing the perfect Scorpio makeup look, there are so many avenues to take. While many styles take inspiration from the specific traits and characteristics of this power-house of a zodiac sign, we wanted to design a striking look around the classic Scorpio colour palette. Defined by deep reds, rich browns and smokey blacks, Scorpio colours naturally lend themselves to a mysterious, smouldering makeup look.

Step 1: The first step in creating a smokey makeup look with a Scorpio colour scheme is to create a base style that you're comfortable and happy with. To do this, we recommend starting off the process with your usual foundation, face powder and contouring kit.

Step 2: If you also want to work in a dramatic thick brow to add to the look, take a look through our range of eyebrow pencils and carefully fill them in for a bolder style.

Step 3: With the basics in place, it's time to start layering on the mystery with a dramatic smokey eye look. All you need for this is a suitably dark eyeshadow palette and, moving from light to dark, start layering on your colours, remembering to smooth out any sharp lines with a blending brush.

Step 4: Once you're happy with your smokey eyeshadow, you'll want to move onto the final show-stopping element of this Scorpio makeup look: the red lipstick. One of this zodiac sign's signature colours, finding a deep, rich red to coat your lips with is the ultimate final touch.

Dark Scorpio makeup look

Heavy emphasis on shadow, this look suits Scorpios who are not to be trifled with. Dramatic and heavily contoured, try out this style on your more ambitious days to help inspire a powerful attitude that demands to be taken seriously.

tep 1: As with the colour-led Scorpio makeup look, the first step in achieving this style is to apply your usual base layer. This will help give you a beautiful, unblemished starting point for this dramatic, shadowy look.

Step 2: One of the most important steps in this look, your next task is to introduce a little shadow and light to your face. Do this by taking your favourite contouring kit and using the darker shade to emphasise your cheekbones and frame your face while layering the lighter highlighting shade just above. Blend out your look to make it look as natural as you're happy with.

Step 3: With the base elements out of the way, it's time to focus on the eyes. As with the Scorpio colour makeup look, this style calls for a slight smokey eye, with a heavy difference in light and dark between the inner eyelids and the shadows reaching the outer corners. If you'd really like to make this style stand out, adding some bold false eyelashes will add even more dimension.

Step 4: Last, but not least, opt for the endlessly mysterious bold black lip. Unusual and by no means everyday, wearing black lipstick instantly transforms this look into something otherworldly, and given black is another Scorpio colour, it works on even more levels.

The prophet Scorpio makeup look

For every dark day, every night spent in shadow, there is a shining counterpart during which those clairvoyant gifts come into their own. Channel your inner water sign with a shimmering makeup look that is perfectly suited to moonlight walks during the witching hour.

Step 1: One last time, apply your everyday foundation to create a smooth and spotless base layer to work from.

Step 2: Where darkness and shadow were vital to creating the last Scorpio makeup look, this one demands a softer touch. Start building this by gently adding in warm tones over your cheeks, just below your cheekbones before creating contrast with a shimmering highlighter. Continue introducing light into the high points of your face, including the chin and nose.

Step 3: By this point, your face should be subtly glowing, and all it needs to complete the look is a gentle sweep of pale eyeshadow, a hint of mascara and your favourite soft-toned lip gloss.

Step 4: If you'd prefer to lend some extra touches to this style and really channel your zodiac sign, we recommend experimenting with the lucky Scorpio colour of purple. Gentle yet underlined with power, this colour is said to lend additional intuitive gifts to the already talented Scorpio sign, and adding some subtle violet eyeshadow is the perfect way to tune into that extra gift.

Create your Scorpio makeup look at Hogies

Finding your own way to express your personality and the Scorpio characteristics you're proud to possess is a great way to connect yourself with the people around you as well as the stars above.

Whether you're planning on trying out the Scorpio makeup looks we've detailed above or are ready to carve your own path with customised designs, you can find everything you need to get started at Hogies Online. Shop our collection of discounted cosmetics to find designer eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and more, and filter by the Scorpio colours of red, black and lucky purple for some inspiration.