Step by step guide on how to achieve September's cosmetics box look!

Step by step guide on how to achieve September's cosmetics box look!

We've teamed up with Gina from @Hogiesonline to share her go to look using this month's makeup box products. This months box contains some stunning, natural looking pieces suitable for all skin types! What's not to love about massive discounts on our best loved products. All for just £30, with an RRP of £109.98 and a massive £79.98 saving, our biggest deal yet!

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I always start on my eyes, so any mess made can be cleaned up easily. I go in with an eyeshadow primer or concealer first to prep and prime the lids ready for eyeshadow application. *Top Tip* Personally I use darker eyeshadow shades first, blending them slowly to light as I find this gives me the best colour and blend.

The star of the show for this look is the Lancome Makeup Palette Paris L'Absolu Parisienne Chic, as well as a bold Urban Decay lipstick!

1. Using the Lancome Makeup Palette Paris L'Absolu Parisienne Chic - I used the shades 'Black' and 'Brown', buffing them all over the eyelid, slowly building up the colour, buffing outwards to create a cat eye effect.

2. I next used the shade 'Light Brown to blend all the shades together seamlessly. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until your blend is perfect!

3. Last but not least for the shadow I used the shade 'Champagne', using my ring finger to pat the shade on the inner third of the lid. This gives the look dimension and glamour.

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4. To finish off the eyeshadow look I used the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara in black, to lengthen and volumise Gina's natural lashes - This is a limited edition product to our beauty box, that can't be found for sale on our site.

5. Now for my personal favourite, the BellaPierre Contour & Highlight Duo in Fair/Medium, I took this over the contours and highlights of the face, accentuating Gina's natural skin.

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6. To finish the look I wanted I used my favourite lip colour, I took the Urban Decay Vice High Impact Red Lipstick in 714 Matte. The colour and pigmentation of this lipstick is outstanding and really ties the whole look together!

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The final look offered is an eye catching night out glam, perfect for parties and events, especially coming into the autumnal season! An easy to complete, but effective look with all you need in one box!


Join us next month to see many more exciting products and a new look for October's Hogies monthly makeup box. A look in a box, what's not to be excited about! Keep up to date on sneak peaks on our socials.