One year anniversary gifts for him

One year anniversary gifts for him

After one year of being together, going on dates, telling each other stories and sharing your interests and achievements every day, it's safe to say you know each other pretty well. He knows your favorite colour, maybe even your favorite perfume, and you know the brands he wears and the food he loves. Without ever realising how close you are to each other, you suddenly realise that you know someone else almost as much as you know yourself, and your first anniversary is the perfect chance to celebrate that.

Couples celebrate this occasion in so many ways, with many organising extravagant dates with personalised touches to make it truly special while others go easy, spending time together watching their favourite shows and sharing a takeaway. Whatever you're doing, be sure to complement the celebrations with the perfect anniversary gifts for him.

If you're struggling to find one year anniversary gifts for your partner, don't worry. Whether you're trying to find one last present to top off the pile or are in full emergency mode looking for anything he'll like, our list of the best one year anniversary gifts for him will help. Covering everything from gift sets to jewellery and men's fragrances to sunglasses, all in a wide range of price points to keep the day affordable, find the perfect 1st anniversary gifts for him at Hogies Online.

Anniversary gift sets for him

Anniversaries are special occasions that are to be celebrated and men's gift sets, containing a bundle of men's grooming or fragrance essentials in one stylishly gift wrapped box, is the perfect way to show him exactly how much you love and appreciate him.

In the Hogies Online collection of men's gift sets, you'll find all his favourite brands to choose from and, if you already know what products he uses, you'll be able to find something he'll really love! Whether it's men's shampoo and shower gel he's running low on, or you think he'd love to expand his collection of aftershave, we're confident you'll find a one year anniversary gift that will make his day.

Giorgio Armani 100ml Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette Gift Set

£68.99 (RRP £85.00) Save £16.01

It wouldn't be a comprehensive list of the top one year anniversary gifts for him without a cologne, aftershave and shampoo gift set, and the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio is a perfect fit. Including the classic Giorgio Armani men's fragrance, an all over body shampoo and matching aftershave balm, this gift set is the ideal one year anniversary gift.

Calvin Klein Men's Miniature Fragrance Gift Set

£33.99 (£45.00) Save £11.01

Indecisive or changeable, the men's miniature fragrance gift set from Calvin Klein is the perfect anniversary gift for men who can't settle on a favourite fragrance. This set of five popular Calvin Klien fragrances includes Euphoria Men, Ck One, Eternity for Men, Ck2 and CK Free, all in handy 10ml bottles that are perfect for travelling. Whether he uses the gift set to find his favourite fragrance or wants to alternate between them all to keep it fresh, he'll love this miniature fragrance set.

Fragrance gifts for him

Picking a fragrance for your partner can be a little nerve-racking, especially if he doesn't normally wear any aftershaves or cologne, but it doesn't have to be! Our top tips for shopping men's colognes as anniversary gifts for him is to use everything you know as guidance. Does he love a certain brand? Does he use a neutral or bold scented deodorant? Everything you've learned about him over the last year can be used to help you find the perfect fragrance for him.

Ted Baker Cu Men 25ml Eau De Toilette

£24.90 (RRP £28.00) Save £3.10

A classic, timeless fragrance that is perfect for every occasion, the Ted Baker Cu EDT for men is one of our favourite one year anniversary gifts for him. If your partner doesn't often wear cologne, or prefers a subtle, understated scent for everyday use, there aren't many options that compete with the Ted Baker Cu eau de toilette.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male 75ml Eau De Toilette

£39.99 (RRP £54.50) Save £14.51

Perfect for the men of the world who love everything Jean Paul Gaultier, the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male eau de toilette is high on our list of one year anniversary gifts for him. Coming in a 75ml, uniquely shaped bottle with a matching display tin, the Le Beau men's fragrance makes every day a little more exciting with its cool, sexy scent.

Men's grooming essentials

If your partner takes a lot of pride in his appearance and is always using styling creams, gels and balms, then our collection of men's styling and grooming essentials is the perfect place to start looking for one year anniversary gifts for him. Whether he spends most of his time taming his facial hair, or never leaves the house without carefully styling his hair, there's plenty of men's grooming products to add to his collection at Hogies Online.

While it's always a good option to stick to the brands you know he loves when it comes to grooming and styling his hair, if he's been dropping hints that it's time for a change take a look through our collection of American Crew men's beauty products. With everything from strong hold hair wax to luxurious beard balm, there's no better place to start looking for anniversary gifts for him.

Stylish men's accessories

If your man is into his accessories and upstyles every outfit with men's rings, bracelets, sunglasses and more, why not add to his collection? Remember, when choosing jewellery or sunglasses as an anniversary gift for him, make sure you take into account his current style. Does he wear heavy chains or leather bracelets? Does he have a favourite sunglasses brand? Use all that information to guide your search for the perfect gift for him. Get started by browsing our men's sunglasses collection and jewellery for him range, or take a little inspiration from our top pick below.

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Gold Green Sunglasses

£120.99 (RRP £131.00) Save £10.01

Whether he loves sitting out in the sun or jetting off to hot countries to enjoy the weather, he'll need a pair of stylish sunglasses to keep his eyes protected. There are plenty of styles to choose from at Hogies Online, but the Ray-Ban classic aviator sunglasses simply can't be beaten. One of the most well loved sunglasses designs, aviators are an incredibly popular style and, in the gold green colourway, there's no way he'll be disappointed.

Designer watches for men

One of the most popular one year anniversary gifts for him, surprising your partner with a stylish new watch is always a great plan. Of course, watches come in all shapes and sizes and finding one that suits his style is important.

Rotary Mens Watch Kensington GB90050/06 Les Originales

£122.99 (RRP £219.00) Save £96.01

If you're searching for one year anniversary gifts for him that are a little more on the luxurious side, a stylish men's watch is a great choice, and the Rotary Kensington men's watch is one of our favourites. Featuring a black colourway with a croc effect leather wristband, this elegant men's watch is utterly sleek and styles easily with any outfit.

ICE Aqua Marine Chronograph Watch 12734 Large

£38.99 (RRP £129.00) Save £90.01

If the luxury feel of the Rotary men's watch isn't quite in fitting with your man's style, the bold men's watch from ICE might be. Featuring a stylish aquamarine colourway and bold Japanese Quartz movement, this bright watch could complement other retro style menswear anniversary gifts for him easily - giving you a great theme to stick to that he's sure to love.

Find first anniversary gifts for him at Hogies Online

At Hogies Online, we offer big brand fragrances, accessories and more at discounted prices. Surprise your partner on your anniversary with his favourite brand of aftershave, luxury grooming sets or a designer watch without going over your budget.

We also know that finding the perfect one year anniversary gifts for your partner can be a little stressful, but don't fret too much - we're sure he'll absolutely love whatever you give him for your first anniversary together!