Kate's Review: Victoria's Secret Makeup Range

Kate's Review: Victoria's Secret Makeup Range

The VICTORIA'S SECRET craze is breaking out with every young woman wishing to be a Victoria's Secret Angel, we all have the underwear or have invested in some 'PINK' branded sportswear, but how many of us know about the fantastic makeup brand?!

I've had the chance to try three essential products that should be found in any makeup lovers kit. For some reason, like me, we always think that a spin off makeup line from a big clothing/underwear brand, may not be as good as buying from a traditional brand focused totally on beauty products.

However I'm pleased to say I've just been proven wrong.

Not only has Victoria's Secret put a visually alluring set of palettes and shocking pink packaged mascaras together, but they've actually pulled off making a high quality range of beauty products which includes makeup and fragrances.

First on trial, the 'New Neutrals' eyeshadow palette.

Currently with a lovely £4 saving at Hogies - the colours are strong and hardwearing.

Lighter colours are sometimes not very visible in neutral palettes, but these soft pastel colours create a striking clean base to build upon.

Next we have the 'Cocoa' Lipgloss.

I must be honest, lipgloss has always been a secret hate of mine. Often sticky with an insipid colour that reminds me of wearing a hot pink one for a school photo when I was thirteen!

But 'Cocoa' is now the first lipgloss I've carried in my makeup bag since I was fifteen, and I'm glad to say I have a new found love for its natural glossy colour, and caring balm texture.

I might start looking at some of the brighter colours in the mix for festivals!

Lastly, the all important 'LashLust' Mascara available from Hogies at only at £14.99 (down from the RRP of £20!).

With a half fibre, half plastic brush, you have the option to smooth out your mascara and then layer for thickness. Long lasting and non-flaky so you don't end up with that 'panda ring' under the eyes at the end of your shift.

A surprising and affordable set of professional makeup and beauty products from this line, I can't wait to try more.

See the full Victoria's Secret range here & find out more about Kate at @geefinchstagram