How To Throw The Perfect Slumber Party

How To Throw The Perfect Slumber Party

Sleepovers can be a fun activity when they're done right! There's something special about making the most of the night by staying up late with your friends, watching movies, playing games, and spending a little time pampering yourself. As a year-round activity there are plenty of sleepover set-up ideas, from outdoor movie nights in the summer or board game nights in the winter. Whichever theme you choose, ensure you have all the slumber party essentials! If you're hosting or attending a sleepover soon, whether it's a girl's night or a family night, here are a few tips for making the party perfect.

If you're hosting or attending a sleepover soon, whether it's a girl's night or a family night, here are a few tips for making the party perfect.

What is a slumber party?

Most people hear the word slumber party and immediately think it's only for kids! Sure, traditionally it's a term mostly associated with teenage girls, but inviting your friends over for a fun night is universal. A slumber party can be a fun activity for a girl's night, cosy couples night, or a wholesome family entertainment night too.

You can choose many different themes for your sleepover, but the most common one is a beauty/pampering night - and we know a thing or two about that! In fact, the first few items many sleepover hosts tend to buy are face masks (and snacks). But there's no need to stop there! If you're going to have a beauty night, you may as well go all out with hair treatments, nail polishes and maybe even trying some new makeup looks too.

We've compiled a list of some of the best items you can bring to the party to help you gain inspiration.

Sleepover checklist


A sleepover wouldn't be complete without a relaxing face mask. One face mask brand we recommend using is Dr Jart+. Dr Jart+ uses innovative Korean skincare techniques to provide a hydrating and refreshing sheet mask that rejuvenates the skin, the hydra solution face masks contain hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract to create a gentle cleanser that nourishes the skin. Share the magic of k-beauty with your friends with this five pack of Dr Jart+ Masks.

Dr Jart+ Dermask Vital Hydra Solution Face Mask 5 Pack

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Once you've removed your mask and your skin feels refreshed, make sure that your lips aren't neglected and apply some nourishing lip balms. We recommend the Revlon Kiss 5 pack to share with the rest of your party. With five different colours, they offer an excellent opportunity to try out a new lip shade.

Revlon Kiss 5 Lip Balms

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To be fully prepared for overnight stays, having a good moisturiser is essential to ensuring your skin looks fresh all night long and into the next day. We suggest opting for the L'Oreal Age Perfect Renew Day & Night Set to give your skin a little TLC that can go a long way to feeling relaxed and refreshed.

L'Oreal Age Perfect Renew Day & Night Set

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Hair Treatment

Keep up the self-care by showing your hair some TLC; this could be through oils or hair masks. We recommend Moroccanoil Hair Treatment which is vitamin-rich and perfect for reviving dry or dull hair. Its lightweight formula can be absorbed instantly by the hair to add a renewed shine. The oil is best applied to damp hair, but there's no need to rinse - making it ideal for a self-care themed sleepover.

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment Oil 50ml

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Nail Polish

Hair, skin, and nails are central to a self-care evening. Painting your nails is great for making instant changes to your look. The Nails Inc Acai Bowl collection offers three vibrant colours and one nude shade so that there's something for everyone at your party. A sleepover is the best time to practice your nail art skills with friends or family!

Nails Inc Acai Bowl collection

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Trying out a new makeup look can be a great way to express some creativity and perhaps find a new everyday makeup routine. Makeovers can be a super fun activity at a family slumber party or if you're hosting a party for school girls who are just getting into makeup artistry. Neutral colours are a good place to start, as they're easier to work with and less likely to stain the skin. We recommend the Urban Decay Mini Naked 3 Palette, which has six lovely shades with matte and shimmer options to experiment with.

Urban Decay Mini Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

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Games are ideal for an entertaining night. Especially if you're having a family night or are hosting a slumber party for your little one and their friends. In this case, we recommend the Dobble Classic Family Card Game, an easy-to-understand speedy observation game that keeps tired eyes awake and fills family game nights with laughter.

Dobble Classic Family Card Game

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It wouldn't be a party without music. The Boompods Rokpod Speaker is an ideal option as it can easily be transported, so you can take it outside or move it between the kitchen or the living room. Use it to liven up a party with upbeat music or wind down with relaxing sounds to help you drift off.

Boompods Rokpod Wireless Speaker Bluetooth

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Get sleepover ready with Hogies

Now that you know what to do at a slumber party, it's time to start getting ready. Start to pick out activities, movies, snacks, and your favourite pj's in preparation for your night.

Our recommendations are a good place to start when thinking about activities and practicing some self-care, but we have plenty of other options available so that you can find the perfect items for your guests. Take a look at our skincare sets, cosmetics, and hair care products for more inspiration.