How to cover tattoos with makeup

How to cover tattoos with makeup

How to cover tattoos with makeup Nowadays, tattoos are viewed as a great way to express yourself. A beautiful addition to an individual's everyday style, people get tattoos for a number of reasons. From acting as a permanent reminder of a memorable moment to displaying a particular design you love, whatever the story is behind a particular tattoo, these have become increasingly popular in today's world. And, it's certainly not unusual to know at least one person, or several people, who have tattoos. Therefore, it's likely that you enjoy having your tattoo on display when you can. However, we also understand that despite being in a powerful era of self expression, there may be some circumstances where you might prefer to temporarily cover your tattoo.

Whether you simply want to cover up your tattoo to achieve a different look, or you wish to keep your tattoo private for a particular occasion, you'll be pleased to know that concealing your tattoo is achievable using everyday makeup.

We've put together this useful step-by-step guide on how to cover tattoos with makeup, so you don't have to go through any painful removal procedures and you can walk out that door with confidence, knowing the coverage will last throughout the day.

Best makeup to cover tattoos

Of course, tattoos are often stunning works of art and definitely something you should be proud of. However, for those times where you feel it's best covered, we have the ideal products to help conceal your tattoo.

BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer 30ml

£23.99 (RRP £26.50) Save £2.51

Acting as a base to help your makeup stay put for longer, choose a lasting primer. Providing the ideal solution, the BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer allows you to achieve a smooth base for applying makeup, particularly useful if your skin is dry, while also reducing the visibility of pores. The primer will also act as a protective layer to help prevent makeup causing breakouts in the area.

YSL All Hours Foundation B70 Mocha

£21.99 (RRP £36.00) Save £14.01

When choosing the foundation you'll use to cover your tattoo, it's important to select one that will provide full coverage. For this, use a liquid foundation, such as the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation. Producing a flawless finish, the YSL foundation lasts for up to 24 hours and features an oil-free formula. Available in multiple, inclusive shades, the foundation will also reduce the appearance of pores.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Correcting Gel Stick Concealer 302 Medium

£27.99 (RRP £29.00) Save £1.01

Next, find a concealer that will provide good, buildable coverage upon application. Available in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone, a strong contender is the Shiseido Gel Stick Concealer. Combining three advanced gels, the stick offers a crease-resistant coverage with a weightless, comfortable feel. And boasting a long lasting, day-long wear, it will keep your tattoo covered throughout the day.

La Prairie Skin Cavier Finishing Loose Powder Translucent 0

£119.99 (RRP £184.00) Save £64.01

An essential product, a translucent powder should be used to set the makeup in place. The La Prairie Skin Cavier Powder will give your makeup a natural matte finish and help to even out skin texture. Although designed for long wear, the product features a convenient portable jar as a free, additional extra, which provides the perfect solution if you feel your makeup needs a touch-up.

MAC Powder Kiss Matte Bright Red Lipstick 315 Lasting Passion

£17.00 (RRP £20.00) Save £3.00

An additional step for darker skin tones, matte red lipstick can be used to cover up dark undertones on tattoos. This shade of MAC Red Lipstick creates a fully matte appearance, while featuring a hydrating formula. However, using lipstick as part of the covering process is a completely optional step.

How to cover tattoos with makeup

1. Prime the area

First, start by adding the BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer to your tattoo, which you can use your fingers to do. This will help the foundation stay put on the skin throughout the day, and will provide a flawless base that allows an even appearance once the foundation is applied, preventing flaking or blotchiness.

2. Apply lipstick (optional)

Although this step is optional, if your tattoo features any colour, particularly blues or greens, these can be covered by applying a matte red lipstick, such as the MAC Powder Kiss Matte Bright Red Lipstick over the tattoo, ensuring it's fully covered. However, for those with lighter skin tones, this might not work as well. Therefore, if you skip this step, it's unlikely to affect how well your tattoo will be covered.

3. Apply foundation

Next, using a blender, gently apply a full coverage foundation, such as your chosen shade of the YSL All Hours Foundation to the tattoo in a dabbing motion. It's important not to blend as fully as you would on your face, and instead pat the foundation onto the tattoo to create a thick layer. Once applied, ensure the tattoo is completely covered, double checking this in a room with natural lighting and building additional coverage if needed. For those with dry skin, it might be worth dampening the blender, which will help to create a smoother, more even look.

4. Next, concealer

Similar to the previous step, apply the Shiseido Synchro Skin Correcting Gel Concealer on top of the foundation, using a makeup blender to dab this out. Make sure you've blended the concealer thoroughly before moving on to the next step, ensuring that the tattoo is fully covered.

5. Set the Makeup

Finally, set the makeup in place with the La Prairie Skin Cavier Translucent Powder using a brush. This will create a smooth overall texture and will ensure that the concealer and foundation doesn't budge as the day goes on.

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