How to achieve flawless makeup every time

How to achieve flawless makeup every time

Want to know how to get flawless glowing skin? Follow our top makeup tips to achieve the perfect complexion with effortless makeup application.

1. Clean skin is always a win

Ensure your skin is cleansed and moisturised before beginning to apply your makeup. A three-step routine is best, so be sure to cleanse, exfoliate (but no more than three times a week!) and moisturise to achieve the perfect base for your makeup look.

For a skincare regime that will revitalise your skin, we recommend:

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2. Prep your skin with a primer

Primer is one of the most essential products to creating a flawless makeup look, as it works to create an even base and minimise pores. This ensures your foundation and other base face products glide effortlessly onto the skin and don't sink in or crease throughout the day..

Our favourite primers include:

Benefit The Porefessional Hydrating Primer 75ml £12.00

BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer £19.99

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3. Apply eye makeup before foundation

A technique favoured by many beauty vloggers, is to do your eye makeup before applying your foundation. This is because if you put on your foundation first, excess powder from eyeshadow products can fall onto your skin as you apply it, in turn ruining your perfect complexion and causing you to have to re-apply. We always recommend doing your base last, particularly if you're creating a distinct eye makeup look.

Check out some of our favourite products to create eye-catching eye makeup looks:

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4. Add a lip scrub to your skincare regime

Using a lip scrub is essential to setting a perfect base to apply lipstick or gloss, as it helps to remove any dead skin cells on your lips that may cause your lips to look dry or cracked.

Try out: MAC Shiny Pretty Things Sweet Scrub Set Red Velvet £29.99

Alternatively, you can create your own lip scrub using coconut oil and brown sugar.

5. Invest in a multi-purpose concealer

Concealer has gone past its traditional use of just being an under eye essential. There are so many things you can achieve with a good concealer at hand, for example contouring, blurring fine lines, priming lips and hiding any unwanted blemishes.

Our favourite concealers for flawless looking skin include:

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer Fair Warm £19.99

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer Shade 5.5 £28.99

YSL Touche Eclate No 2 Luminous Ivory

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6. Bronze, blush and highlight

The three products you need to bring your makeup look to life and enhance your features by working to define your face contours. Add bronze to places that the sun naturally hits, along your nose, across your brow and below your cheekbones, then add a light covering of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Finally, sweep highlighter across the top of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and the bud of your lips to create a fuller look.

Some of our favourite bronze and highlight products are:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Bronze Highlighter Cheeky Bronze £25.75

Benefit Hoola Caramel Bronzing Powder £24.50

MAC Extra Dimension SkinFinish Whisper Of Guilt £26.50

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7.Set your makeup

The key to flawless makeup that lasts all day, setting spray or powder seals the deal to your look. If using a spray, we recommend spritzing your face from a distance of around 30 cm in an 'X' and 'T' motion for best results. If using a powder, make sure to tap off excess from your brush and then gently sweep across your t-zone, forehead and chin to cover all areas prone to oiliness.

For makeup that stands the test of time, we recommend:

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So, in summary, the key techniques and products for creating the ultimate flawless look that will last from morning to night are:

  • Always start by cleansing and prepping your face before you begin to apply makeup:
  • Primer is one of the first steps to take before applying makeup to ensure an even base:
  • Make sure you apply your eye makeup before foundation to avoid fallout:
  • Use a lip scrub before applying lip products for a plump and smooth finish.
  • Use your concealer for contouring, hiding blemishes and blurring fine lines; as well as covering any dark circles or puffiness under your eyes:
  • Make sure you use bronzer, blusher and highlighter in the areas detailed above to create a smooth, contoured look:
  • Setting your makeup is the final and essential step to completing your look.

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