Best summer fragrances for 2022

Best summer fragrances for 2022

When the days start to lengthen, the clouds start to clear and the sun starts to shine, we can finally say that summer has arrived. With it, this bright and hot season brings all our favourite things about warm-weather wardrobes; frilly dresses, bold sunglasses and, of course, a refreshing new summer scent to define the look.

At Hogies Online, we've prepared for the change in the season by compiling some of the best summer fragrances for 2022. From old classics ready to make their return to new scents that are already making waves, there's a fresh, bright and light summer scent to suit everyone's tastes this season, and we're ready to share them with you.

Best summer fragrances for men

From crisp, fresh scents designed to invigorate, to spiced, musky fragrances perfect for the warm evenings, every part of the day from sunrise to sunset has been considered in our men's summer fragrance top picks list for 2022. So, whether you're looking for one versatile aftershave to last you through the day or simply want a statement scent for special occasions, get inspired by our best four summer scents for men below.

Hugo Boss Boss Orange Man Feel Good Summer 100ml Eau De Toilette

£43.90 (RRP £60.00) Save £16.10

As the name suggests, the Boss Orange '_x0098_Feel Good Summer' fragrance from Hugo Boss is designed to bring out the feel-good scents that summer is famed for. From the crisp, fruity notes of lemon and green pear, to the sweet, musky scent of patchouli, this summer fragrance for men is equal parts refreshing and intense.

Carolina Herrera Chic For Men 60ml Eau De Toilette (Blemished Box)

£32.90 (RRP £41.00) Save £8.10

An incredibly versatile scent that lasts through the seasons, Caroline Herrera's Chic For Men is made with a unique mixture of spicy, warm notes usually found in cooler seasons, which are combined with the traditional summer scents of bergamot, iced lemon and fresh watermelon. We recommend wearing this in the middle of winter and the height of summer for a dynamic, season-bending scent that is sure to make a statement.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2017 100ml EDT (Blemished Box)

£14.99 (RRP £33.00) Save £18.01

One of our favourite Calvin Klein unisex scents of all time, CK One Summer 2017 is everything you need from a summer fragrance. Refreshing and bright, CK One Summer has opening notes of saffron which burn away to leave behind crisp notes of lime, citron and cucumber, perfect for wearing during the long, hot days of the season.

Hugo Boss Bottled Tonic 30ml Eau De Toilette (No Box)

£16.99 (RRP £39.00) Save £22.01

The second Hugo Boss summer fragrance for men on our list, the Bottled Tonic fragrance is the perfect everyday scent for 2022. Striking a balance between the classic scent profiles that the season is famed for, this Eau De Toilette features strong fresh and crisp notes that feel just like a summer breeze at the beach. Underlying this is a woody, musky undertone that is unmistakably masculine, making it a great choice for men who want to keep some of the richer notes of autumn and winter in this lighter season.

Best summer perfumes for women

Blue skies and sandy beaches call for an entirely different wardrobe from the colder seasons, and summer perfumes are a must-have accessory to finish off the look. Whether you're on the lookout for a summer scent to bring a floral, fruity edge to your day, or want to carry that summer feeling with you all year long with a new signature scent, take a look through our top recommendations below.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2017 100ml EDP (Blemished Box)

£27.99 (RRP £45.95) Save £17.96

While CK One Summer was was the biggest unisex fragrance of 2017, we're bringing the feminine Calvin Klein Eternity Summer back into the spotlight as one of the best summer perfumes for 2022. A timeless scent that is synonymous with summer, the Eternity perfume is characterised by alluringly floral and exotic notes thanks to the mix of saffron, osmanthus and rose. Rare for perfumes for women, the Eternity Summer scent also has base notes of vetiver and musk, which create a rich, earthy layer that lasts all day.

DKNY Nectar Love 50ml Eau De Parfum (Blemished Box)

£26.50 (RRP £74.00) Save £47.50

For women who prefer a lighter, brighter scent during the summer months, we can't recommend the DKNY Nectar Love Eau De Parfum enough. Created using a vibrant mixture of floral, fruity and oriental notes, the Nectar Love fragrance has notes of mandarin, grapefruit and orange flower as well as yellow freesia, jasmine and honeycomb. If you're on the lookout for a striking summer perfume as a gift, whether it be to mark a birthday or any other occasion, the DKNY EDP is also available at Hogies Online with over 60% off the RRP.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave 100ml Eau de Toilette

£24.90 (RRP £53.00) Save £28.10

The lightest feminine summer scent to make our favourites list, the Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave Eau De Toilette is beautifully soft and effortlessly complements the most popular styles of summer. A few spritzes over a white frilled sundress and the summer feeling is completed by fresh, floral notes of lime and jasmine sambac. For when the sun makes its way beyond the horizon and the evening arrives, the lingering notes of sandalwood lend a richer edge to this statement perfume.

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Bleue 50ml Eau De Toilette Spray

£47.95 (RRP £74.00) Save £26.05

Reminiscent of refreshing sea breezes and swimming in sun-warmed waters abroad, the Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Bleue spray is an iconic summer fragrance that we can't wait to see make a return in 2022. Filled with aromatic aquatic notes, this uniquely-crafted scent features notes of the sea which are bound to the woody scents of patchouli and juniper berries for a heady, fresh fragrance.

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