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Molton Brown Hand Wash & Lotion 100ml Multibuy Offers

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Molton Brown Travel Hand Wash Liquid Soap & Hand Lotion Cream Moisturiser Refill 100ml - MULTIBUY OFFER

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Choose from the following options -
Mulberry & Thyme Hand Lotion 100ml
Orange & Bergamot  Hand Lotion 100ml
Pomegranate & Ginger Hand Wash 100ml
Mulberry & Thyme Hand Wash 100ml
Orange & Bergamot Hand Wash 100ml

In 100ml bottles, these hand wash and hand lotions are perfect for travelling!

This hand wash gently cleanses the hands whilst offering a fresh scent.

The hand lotion is formulated to improve irregular skin tone whilst deeply moisturising. Skin moisture levels remain doubled 24 hours after application, resulting in beautifully smooth hands. 

Please note - these bottles do not have a pump, making them perfect refills.
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Gift Set

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Gift Set

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